• Corinna Weyreter’s story in Far Out: Sailing into a Disappearing World has echoes of many great cruising tales from those who travelled the oceans under sail before her. But this tale is set against the contemporary backdrop of globalisation, climate change, and a fast disappearing natural world. In Far Out we travel with Corinna and her partner Gjalt as they take the decision to give up their corporate jobs to sail from the east coast of the US to Australia. Along the way we share the raw highs and lows of ocean voyaging and the live-aboard lifestyle as well as the couple’s joy at discovering experiences that could never have been theirs in the ‘real’ world. The sad thing about this watery road less travelled is the realization Corinna communicates that nowhere is out of reach of man’s destructive ‘progress’. Fisheries are collapsing, coral reefs are dying, plastic rubbish reaches almost everywhere, in short our fragile world is under threat like never before. If there’s a message in Far Out it’s simply that there’s a beautiful world out there that won’t wait, see it now or its beauty may not be there for ever.

Steve Sleight, Author of The Complete Sailing Manual

  • I’ve read a lot of these types of sailing books as we plan our own adventures. This is probably the best! Another addictive read and I hope the author follows up this book to cover their onward journeys. Some fairly unique adventures in the Pacific documented in this book – excellent!

Malc, Amazon

  • I will start by saying that I am not normally a fan of ‘travelogue’ style books, as they all too often come across as either too dry and boringly factual, or self-indulgent and condescending. I am delighted to report that ‘Far Out: Sailing Into a Disappearing World’ is guilty of neither such conceit. On the contrary, it is a beautifully written and enthralling read in which the author strikes the perfect balance between detailing her own exploits and adventures, and painting a colourful and informative portrait of the fascinating locales she and her partner visited. I know it is a cliché to say that a book can ‘transport you to exotic locations’, but after reading this book I can better understand what that phrase means, thanks in the main to the mental images evoked by the author’s accessible but descriptive writing style. In short, whether you like travelogues or not, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Five stars, no question!

Peter Wearne, Goodreads

  • If you like reading about boats (I do) and wonderful, intrepid, adventures at sea (I do) – then this book may be a good read for you also. It tells of a young couple who set off in search of a different world – one which can only really be seen from the ocean – and the effect it has on them as people, when they eventually find it and let it all in. Whilst her narrative frequently brings to the fore the damage we are all doing to our planet, this never comes across as “in your face” – but the book does show the reader just what exactly is out there (or perhaps, more to the point, not out there). A true tale of friendships made, new cultures encountered, self sufficiency and Make-do-and Mend. Sometimes witty, sometimes touching, always interesting. Don’t miss it.

rozanna1, Amazon

  • I liked this book cause it was written from a woman’s point of view. As a woman on a yacht most stories are written from a man’s point of view so this was very refreshing. I felt as if I was on the boat travelling to all the places she described and the facts about the environment where very interesting too. Interesting read!

L. Edwards, Amazon

  • I found this different to other sailing narratives. It was written from a human point of view in a series of well written, often humorous, events rather then the normal step by step, sometime boring, style. Corinna really made me feel like I was there living the moment with her (which my wife and I will be very soon). She let me into her feelings, her successes and her errors and was also very informative. I enjoyed every word and can’t wait for the sequel. Perhaps one day I’ll meet her and Gjalt out there.

searanger50, Amazon

  • A very exciting sailing adventure, extremely honest and well written in an easy read detail that is hard to put down.Looking forward to their next sailing adventure.

R. Emberton, Amazon

  • Interesting travelogue and great for armchair sailors. Good writing style and easy to read. Would enjoy another book from this author.

Normski, Amazon

  • I loved this book. I must now get a copy with photographs. It takes you half a world away to the south Pacific. It also removes you from your own frantic life to the world of ocean sailing, the etiquette of mooring and getting along with other sailors and, early on, negotiating the Panama canal. It’s told sparely and beautifully. Get the hard copy book if you can, so you can enhance your imagination with pictures.

C.R. Moore, Amazon

  • Stumbled across this ebook. I’m not into yachting as such but this is so well written and gives a fascinating view of the world and the effect humanity has upon it. Really good read.

bookish, Amazon

  • This is the fascinating story of a young couple who bailed out of successful careers to sail their yacht from the Gulf of Mexico to Australia, exploring the Caribbean, cross the Panama Canal and visit the island worlds of the South Pacific Ocean. They quit the ‘rat race’, terminated the rent of their suburban house, disposed of their material goods and made their 41 foot Sailing Yacht their home. The brilliant, page turning narrative brings the reader close to the author’s experience, her expectations, her joys, her fears, her victories and failures, her likes and dislikes. The reader is experiencing the beauty of enchanted island paradises, but also made aware that this beauty is under threat by the ever increasing human footprints as detectable even at the most remote atolls. Life on board on the longer crossings, the watches, the sleeplessness, the beauty of the clear skies far away from any human activity is described so well, that it feels like one’s own experience. This is also the story of a personal journey of two people.

Dutch Expatriate, Amazon

  • Read Far Out this summer and thought it was great. An honest very readable account that kept me fascinated to the end. More coming, I hope.

M Hacquoil, Personal e-mail

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  1. rosssteve

    Corinna Weyreter’s amazing way of describing her wonderful journey deeply inspired me to travel the world. I am truly amazed by what she experienced on that wonderful voyage. She has seen the most amazing things but also seen how our world won’t be the same in the coming years due to climate change. This book is written in an inspiring style and it is not like any other travelogue I have read before.
    I really enjoyed this book and could hardly put it down.

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