Deep Time

Last year I branched out from writing short stories and books when I accepted an invitation from Kirsten and Joachim Jakobsen of the Rebikoff-Niggeler Foundation (FRN) to write the script for their beautiful short film Deep Time.

FRN is a non-profit organization for marine research based on the island of Faial and uses a manned submarine to explore deep-sea environments. As well as collaborating on joint projects with a number of national and international research partners, FRN has filmed fauna for several nature documentaries, including the BBC’s Blue Planet II series, so working on the film was a unique and exciting opportunity for me.


selections-Deep-Time-klDeep Time is a journey away from the frantic pace of modern life into the magical and mysterious world that exists beneath the surface in the deep sea of the Azores Archipelago.

Unique footage captured by the crew of the Lula1000 submarine offers a fascinating glimpse of the animals that exist there, 1000 metres down, and the strategies they employ to survive in a harsh environment with few resources. Life in the deep sea has evolved and endured to the beat of a much slower rhythm than our own, and may hold a valuable lesson for us all.


In 2018 the film was shown at the International Nature Festival in Namur, Belgium, and will be shown this year at the International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco and the Elements Film Festival in Canada.

I hope you enjoy the film, which you can watch here: Deep Time


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