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A Short Way Out


Stella Maris

Stella Maris Sailing to São Jorge

Time always ticks away too quickly, it even seems to accelerate the older you get. So when we sailed away from our busy land-based lives on what would become our voyage around the world, one thing I hoped would happen was that time would slow down. After all, the very word cruising promises a more relaxed pace of life, and Einstein himself concluded that time runs more slowly at sea level than at altitude (although I was looking for a more significant effect than the nanosecond or two he predicted).



Stella Maris Arriving at Velas

Stella Maris Arriving at Velas


But while our circumnavigation was a magical, life-changing experience, if we gained anything in the time department it felt like little more than that nanosecond of Einstein’s. Time, it turned out, couldn’t be slowed down simply by going to sea. And when we returned to life back on land it continued to run away from us as quickly as ever. Before we knew what had happened, we hadn’t taken Stella Maris for a proper sail in years.




Stella Maris and Pico Island

Stella Maris and Pico Island

Two weeks ago we brought that long period of neglect to an end by participating in the Horta to Velas regatta, a 40 nm round trip between the Azorean islands of Faial and São Jorge. In the light winds time did pass at a pleasantly slow pace as the gennaker pushed Stella Maris gently across the languid North Atlantic swell. It felt wonderful to be on the water again, taking us right back to the good old days of cruising. We were even rewarded with these beautiful pictures of Stella Maris taken by professional photographer Rodrigo Rato (LX Sailing).


We were only a short way out this time, but now she’s back on the water who knows where Stella Maris will take us next.



Stella Maris and No Stress



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