Far Out: Sailing into a Disappearing World

Far Out published by Boathooks Books

Far Out is published by Boathooks Books

Far Out features regularly in the Amazon UK Water Sports and Sailing charts Top 10 and has been a No. 1 Bestseller in the Amazon Germany Boating and Sailing Charts.

Tired of their careers in the oil industry a young couple sails away from the rat race in search of freedom and adventure in the fabled South Pacific.

Taking only what can justify a space on their 41 foot yacht they abandon materialism and discover how little a person really needs to be content. Trading with fishermen in Belize, learning desert island survival from the lone inhabitant of a Polynesian atoll, swimming with humpback whales beside the coral island of Niue, and attending the wedding of a Chief’s son in Vanuatu, they enter an enchanting new world.

But Earth is under threat from humanity. During the period when the human population doubled, animal species plummeted by more than a quarter. 41% of oceans have been strongly affected by man’s activities, 19% of coral reefs have died and 29% of fisheries have collapsed.

They found a beautiful world beyond the urban sprawl and rampant consumerism of mankind, but its future is fragile.

The ebook is currently available for just £2.39.


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